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Assault & Battery Attorney in San Francisco

Assault is one of the most common charges encountered in courts in San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area. Assault and battery charges stem from a variety of altercations, including domestic disputes, fights in bars, road rage incidents and altercations with police.

Just because these charges are common, however, does not mean you can take them lightly. Even fighting charges of simple assault is not so simple. If you have been charged with assault of any kind, you face a possible jail sentence and a permanent criminal record that can have long-term consequences on your career and family life.

Attorney Angeli Fitch of Fitch Law Office in San Francisco provides aggressive and comprehensive defense against assault and battery charges, as well as other criminal charges. Our legal team reviews the facts of your case and creates a custom legal strategy to reach an effective resolution.

Felony Assault Defense Lawyer Serving San Francisco

We begin every case by carefully listening to your information and reviewing every detail of police reports, statements and any other documents or even video if it exists. It is important that you speak with an experienced San Francisco assault and battery attorney as early in the process as possible.

We use a number of strategies to defend your legal rights. Although we have handled a number of assault cases, we understand that each one comes with a unique set of facts that will determine our approach in how to resolve the case.

We enter into pretrial negotiations only after assessing the facts of a case and determining it is in the best interest of our client. If the facts warrant going to trial, Angeli Fitch has the courtroom experience to see it through.

Defenses that may be used include self-defense, insufficient evidence and mental issues that may have played a role in the altercation. Attorney Angeli Fitch has extensive experience with clients who have required psychological counseling and/or medication for mental illness. She is often able to negotiate with prosecutors to obtain alternative sentencing that involves treatment for these issues in lieu of prison time.

Put Our Commitment And Knowledge On Your Side

If you or a loved one has been charged with assault or battery, we can review the facts of the case and recommend the best steps to take. Call or email us to schedule an appointment. We work with clients throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.