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Fitch Law Office helps you understand the complexities of the legal system. We fight for your freedom and offer compassion during all stages in the process. Our focus is on providing "holistic criminal defense."

Thorough preparation and a fierce willingness to fight your battle in the courtroom is what is required to achieve justice in a criminal defense case. We're easy to talk to and remain involved in every step of the legal process.

Most importantly, we obtain favorable verdicts for our clients. Call us at 415-638-1092.

Providing aggressive representation

at every stage of the legal process,

from investigation to trial.

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Angeli Fitch, Esq.

Criminal Law Attorney Serving San Francisco

If you face criminal charges in San Francisco, Oakland, or throughout the Bay Area, the consequences can be severe. Whether you need a lawyer for DUI defense or you face a more serious felony charge, the outcome of your case will affect your family, your career and your life.

The attorney you select to represent you can be the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges. At Fitch Law Office, we are committed to defending the rights of the accused. Attorney Angeli Fitch has many years of experience practicing all levels of criminal defense law.

She leads a team that is noted not only for providing aggressive legal defense, but also for becoming invested in clients' long-term success. Over the years, we have connected numerous clients with counseling resources and rehabilitative programs that help put them in the best possible position to succeed and avoid future legal problems.

Although we have handled hundreds of criminal defense cases, we recognize that each one has its own unique set of circumstances. We steer clear of the formulaic approach that other criminal defense attorneys adopt.

Experienced DUI And Drug Crime Defense

Instead, we take the time to assess each case on its own merits. Only after we have discussed a case thoroughly, examined all of the evidence, reviewed police reports and gained a full understanding of a client's personal history are we prepared to develop a defense strategy that best suits that client's objectives.

Our priority is to limit the impact that a criminal charge has on your life. Sometimes that is best accomplished by aggressively pursuing a "not guilty" verdict in court, while other times it works best to negotiate with prosecutors for a reduced penalty or alternative sentencing.

Committed To Your Best Interests

Our entire team is responsive and readily available - even in the evening and on weekends if necessary - throughout your case.

We explain how the process works at every step and involve our clients in the key decisions that need to be made. It is our belief that an informed client is an engaged client, and engaged clients generally help produce more positive outcomes.

If you face criminal charges in the San Francisco Bay Area and need to speak with an experienced attorney, email us to schedule a consultation.

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Angeli Fitch at Fitch Law Office is a San Francisco Bay Area lawyer representing clients in criminal matters: expungements, dismissals, reductions, early termination of probation, DUI,  domestic violence,  assault & battery, shoplifting, embezzlement, sex crimes, drug crimes, marijuana crimes, fraud & identity theft, and mental health issues. Angeli Fitch is an attorney you can trust to advocate for you in court. Fitch Law Office represents defendants in misdemeanor and felony matters in the Superior Court for the City and San Francisco, the Superior Court for the County of Alameda, the Superior Court for the County of San Mateo, the District Court for the District of Northern California, as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Fitch Law Office for a consultation.

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