Speaking Engagements

Angeli R. Fitch, Esq. knows how to connect with her audience at workshops and speaking engagements. She’s a very dynamic public speaker with a lot of energy. Her presentations are unique and offer valuable insights. Contact us at 415-906-3440 to book a speaking event on any of the following topics:

  • Any criminal defense practice area (see topics)
  • MCLE – Substance Abuse for Attorneys
  • Juvenile Offenses – Tips on Avoiding the Law and What to Do If Child Is Arrested
  • Holistic Justice – Getting to the Heart of the Matter (new way of practicing law that looks at the client as a whole person and connects him/her to support services and resources)
  • Get on Track Program (setting case and personal goals while connected to resources)
  • Fight to Win Program (conducting a thorough investigation of all the facts, looking for best defense possible)
  • Discovery Program (Legal, Social, Environmental and Personal Discovery Process)
  • Develop Your Skills Program (Rehab Program Topics)
  • Build Your Reputation Program (How to Rebuild Reputation After Criminal Charge)