Commercial Driver's License DUI Lawyer In San Francisco

If you drive a vehicle for a living, a drunk driving charge can mean the loss of your commercial driver's license (CDL) and the end of your job, even if you were driving your own vehicle at the time.

The consequences are too important to go to court without an experienced attorney at your side. At the office of Fitch Law Office, in San Francisco, California, we help truckers and other CDL holders in the Bay Area fight CDL DUI charges. We work to keep your record clean so it does not impact your employment.

Many CDL holders stopped in California are from other states. If you received a ticket while driving through Northern California, I will attend your hearing for you and negotiate the best possible settlement given the facts of your case. I often resolve matters to my clients' satisfaction without requiring them to return to the state.

Skilled Attorney Helping With License Suspension Issues

Attorney Angeli R. Fitch has established a strong familiarity and presence within the courts in Oakland, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. She has a proven ability to work with prosecutors on reduced charges that will help you keep your job.

Of course, she will also thoroughly review the facts of your arrest to ensure that none of your constitutional rights were violated. If it makes sense to go to court to fight the DUI or any traffic offense, attorney Fitch is a trial-tested attorney who is always prepared to argue on her clients' behalf.

If you are looking for an experienced commercial driver's license DUI lawyer, call 415-906-3440 or email us to schedule a consultation.